What is SEO and What are the Importance of Keywords?

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SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is a really important tool for taking your online business to the ultimate road of success. It involves a lot of components such as writing relevant & original content, use of relevant titles, meta tags, and many more things. But most importantly, your prime focus must be on the correct use of keywords as they can play a major role in affecting your website’s rankings, both positively and negatively. Keywords are basically some specific words or phrases, about which the article or content is actually written about.
Things To Remember For Using Keywords PerfectlyAs keywords are a very significant component of the SEO, you need to keep in focus all the essential aspects related to these. Correctly understanding these aspects and following these in your SEO strategy can easily help your site to rank higher in the search engine result page (SERPs). To make it more vivid, here are the top points that you need to remember for building a great optimization strategy.


Keyword Density is basically the total percentage of keywords or the phrases in the whole article or content page. You need to follow the density standards set by major search engines in order to get your content crawled through and optimized. Failing to follow these standards can result in negative impacts on your site rankings. For example, 3% in an article or blog is mostly the standardized density to maintain.

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Keyword Frequency refers to the number of times any keyword or a phrase occurs in the whole content. While some might believe in the myth that higher frequency results in better optimization but in reality, it can lead to negative results. So make sure to keep the frequency to 3-4% of the total word count always as this is the standardized number followed by major search engines. For example, if the total number of words in an article is 700, then the frequency should be around 14 at most.


Keyword Proximity is another very vital characteristic that you must take into account for better optimizing your online site better. Proximity basically refers to the distance between the individual’s words of the total keyword in a specific space. The shorter this distance, the better it will result in search engines such as Google, Bing, etc. For example, if the keyword is “California Dental Surgeries” then to use it best, you can make a sentence, “The dentists in California perform great dental surgeries”.

Proximity also refers to how distant one keyword is from the other one. This is really essential for getting better results as placing all keywords nearby can result in spamming and cause your search engine ranking negatively.

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Keyword Prominence is another feature that you need to take into account the excellent optimization of your business website. Prominence basically refers to how prominently the keywords occur on your website, article, or blog content. This basically involves the closeness keywords to the beginning of a web page, sentence, title, h tag, or Meta descriptions Placing the keywords near all these components can help in fetching better results for the site’s search engine rank while failing to do so can have vice versa results.


Keyword Taxonomy is basically an element of science that involves the classification & organization of various system components for better efficiency and effectiveness. Taxonomy has become an essential component of SEO as it helps in the proper organization of content assets and keywords for improving the overall results. It basically involves managing the hierarchical structure of website data as well.

For example, if we talk about the taxonomy of an e-commerce website, the users always wish to filter and sort their results according to their priority. So, the organization of products according to categories, gender, age, and price helps in better user experience and improves your website rankings in SERPs.


These were the top five features related to the usage of keywords in your content and following these perfectly can help in boosting the number of your website visitors while enhancing your business profits greatly. So, make sure that you always remember the importance of all these elements while planning your keyword strategy.

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