Top 7 High Paying Alternatives of Google Adsense 2018

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In the world full of inflation, we all were searching for some ways to earn an extra amount from our salary to get a perfect or upgraded life hood. More than 60% of people were working on this factor named “Extra income” and making their pockets heavy. Most of them were earning from Google Adsense, which is a platform offered by Google to advertise some content, images, or videos of the sponsored party. But not all of them were the success with their Adsense account as more than 65% of accounts got disabled by Google.

Sad na? Well, it is not so big deal as we are here giving you a list of some alternates of Google Adsense which help you to earn money online.

Amazon associates:  We all were very aware of Amazon as it one of the popular online stores in India as well as in other countries. If you want to earn money, so you can create your account, and then on your blog or website, you have to put that ad that is given to you. When you stated and will be purchased by someone, you will get a fixed % of that amount. is just a perfect alternative for Google Adsense as it is also providing you a platform to advertise your product. It is a company that is developing advertising products for the adviser as well as the publisher. Mostly this company is famous for its contextual advertisement programs. Sign up for Media. Net is very much better than waiting for approval of Adsense.

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Bidvertiser: Bidvertiser is an advertising website with Pay Per Click factor. It is quite a different and interesting method for earning. On this site, a bidding system is there in which the highest bidder will advertise on your blog. In this site, you have to stay a little long for earning a handsome amount.

Adversal: If you are really looking for an alternate of Adsense, then Adversal is the perfect match for your query. This website is serving ads with very high CTR and it works in many other languages with English. If you want to apply for this, you need at least 50,000 page views and then the minimum payout is $20.

BuySellAds:  it is an advertising platform which provides a wide connection to advertiser and publishers. BuySellAds will pay you for the direct advertisement and it works as a middle man who will charge 25% of every transaction.

Chitika: If you are tired of waiting for Adsense approval and still not get approval, So just sign up to Chitika and put your ads on it. In Chitika, you do not need to wait for the approval, and also it will work on your low traffic site. Its pay per click rate is not so good like Adsense but still, you can switch to this method.

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Revenue Hits: Revenue Hits is very strong and popular network of earning. It is a performance ad network, which paid you for results. They are providing a lot more options like you can create Slider, Banner ads, buttons, and many more.

So Friends, Here are some ways mentioned above for earning money online and We are sure enough that you will understand them. So now just create your account on anyone above said sites and start to earn. And also Promotes us for giving you such great and amazing information.


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