How to Save Data Online to Prevent from Hackers?

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When you have any data in your system but you are not sure, whether the data is safe or not because we have seen nowadays cyber-attacks, data stealing, and malware can damage your system. However, don’t worry, now you can store your valuable data on cloud storage. You don’t need to worry about the safety of your data if you are using cloud storage. Here are some popular free cloud storage services that are used widely:

Google Drive

Search engine key player Google offers a cloud storage service that offers 15 GB free space that is found in a different subsidiary of Google such as Google plus, Gmail,  etc This is simply known as Google drive. Google Drive has enough space where you can store your photos, files videos, etc. It gives you the facility of sharing, storage, editing your documents. You can summarize and give access to other people easily.


Veteran operating system giant Microsoft re-creates its cloud storage service formerly known as SkyDrive. Now it is named OneDrive and now it is giving immense advantages to its customers. Microsoft is providing 7GB to 15GB of free cloud storage service to its customers. It also gives benefits and offers 5 GB extra space if you recommend it to your friends and 3 GB additional for the access of photo backup.

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Undoubtedly, Dropbox is one of the finest cloud storage services across the globe. It is very easy to function and utilized in every possible forum. It has space 2GB of free storage but one can get additional cloud storage of 16 GB if you recommend DropBox to your friends and relatives.


Dropbox is definitely the best storage service for single or common users but Box is an ideal cloud storage service for corporate and industrial use. It offers a free space of 10 GB for personal utilization. If you have a personal account then you are allowed to upload documents not more than 250 MB, However, you will feel trouble if you want to store big files like movies, videos, etc.


Bitcasa is probably one of the safest cloud storage service providers that generally focuses on the security and confidentiality of your important file and documents. The Whole data that is uploaded on Bitcasa is encoded with high-security codes that can be only accessible to authorized users. In Bitcasa you can get the free cloud storage nearly 20 GB and additionally you can view and access your information or files from 3 diversified devices.

Hence using cloud storage is evidently beneficial for the users because there is no surety of your data safety these days. It is better to use the above-mentioned cloud storage data service so that one can feel sigh of relief about the protection of their important files and documents.

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