Difference Between Google Adsense and Media.net

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Friends! We see no one, who is not interested in earning some extra amount besides their regular earning. Today every 4th person is doing something different from their regular 9 to 5 job and earns some additional amount to spend their life easier and with luxury. And on focusing on this thing, now we have lots of choices for earning in the market which gave us a very handsome amount in many different ways. And when we are discussing online earning methods, so AdSense and media.net are the top-level resources or methods which gave you a 100% satisfaction.

Google Adsense: AdSense is a program that is run by Google, which allows publishers that you can add a small amount of Html to your site and earn through it. With these techniques, the ads of the third party will visible on your page and you will be getting paid for that.

Media.net: Media.net is an ad network with the text format. This ad network is brought to you by Bing! More than 100 million US the user of this network.

But what is the different Adsense and Media.net? on which factors we can differentiate them from each other? There are so many questions that were clicked in your mind and Getinranks.com is the answer to all of your questions. There are some factors, which were very useful to differentiate both the platforms.

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There is no minimum requirement of traffic for becoming a publisher for Adsense. But you have to post the content on the ad on a regular basis. Media.net also does not need any specific traffic but it gave priority to users of the USA, UK, Canada.


If the content advertisement is displaying on the AdSense, so the publisher will get 68% of revenue but if the ad is search type, so he will get 51% of revenue. And in the case of Media.net, all were very confused about the share distribution. So we will update you with the same as soon as we get it.


AdSense is using the whole world, so it is important to show high-quality advertisements to users. Google is a giant network and displaying any type of ads including text, display, links, and other native ads. And Media.net is showing high-quality ads on the targeted countries as Canada, the USA, UK. Rest the other countries will not get the appropriate ads in comparison to AdSense.


Adsense is a very wide and popular network, so it used by top publishers for exploring their advertisement. Some of these publishers were Times Network, Mashable, HubPages, and Virool. Media.net is also preferred by many top-level publishers like the New York Times, Elle, Reuters, Forbes, and Cosmopolitan.

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In Adsense, payment will be on a monthly basis. On every 25th day of the month, payment will be released. All payments were safe in the AdSense account. Media.net is giving payment by PayPal and wire transfer over a period of 30days and if you are a big publisher so the time period is 7 days. In this the minimum payout threshold is 100USD.

So these are some of the factors on which we just tried to differentiate both AdSense and media.net. If you have knowledge about any other point, so can give us information about those points. Be connected with us for getting such amazing information and make your pockets full of a very handsome amount. We have a wide variety of ideas for making money online which you can browse on this site.


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