5 Most Important WordPress Tools and Plugins you Should Use

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Today, WordPress is regarded as the biggest platform to create the websites and the blogs, as it provides the user an opportunity to showcase its talent and the ideas in front of the whole world. Through WordPress, one can easily express his views and also make his living out of WordPress. Today, if you want to be successful in this field then you need to get a high name and a proper standard in this field and it is only possible when you get huge traffic on your website.

Today’s generation is very fond of new things and wants to see something innovative and attractive. So, in order to produce huge traffic to the website, the owner of the website needs to properly maintain and develop the website which looks attractive and contains the best content. So, WordPress provides various tools that help in establishing the website along with the contents.

In today’s times, social media is becoming one of the largest platforms for promoting and expanding the business. Now the social media platform is one of the main reason for the hype of various businesses and their activities, because it helps the owner of the website or the website developer to produce more traffic on the website through various on-page and off-page SEO techniques and tools and the WordPress tools help in promoting the websites content on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, etc.

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There are various tools provided by WordPress which helps in making the website attractive and user-friendly. The tools also refer to the menu-bar which is present in the admin sidebar of the WordPress. The tools offered by the WordPress help in completing various management tasks like Building themes, plugins, and other applications.

5 Most Needed WordPress Tools

✔ Developer: The developer is the first tool, and it helps in optimizing the development experience. The developer helps in the installation of various other tools that are used to create WordPress plugins and themes.

✔ Theme checker: Theme checker is the most important and the most used tool in WordPress as it helps in determining whether the theme is related to the WordPress standards or not. With the theme checker, it becomes easy to check the installed plugins and also the quality of the work. with the help of a theme checker, we can easily run all the automated tools for testing on the currently installed theme.

✔ Monster Widget: It is a tool that enables the user to add all the other widgets to the sidebar of the WordPress. And because of this tool, it becomes easy to complete the tasks within a short time.

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✔ WP Debug: It is one of the most important tools in WordPress as it enables the owner to check various errors and the bugs present in the system and also helps in eliminating such errors. The WP Debug provides all the necessary information about various issues like queries, object cache, and PHP warnings and also provides the cause of the issues. WordPress is enabled with its own debug system which helps in the standardization of the themes, codes, and plugins.

✔ XAMPP/WAMP/MAMP: XAMPP stands for “ Apache, MySQL, PHP, PERL ” and it helps in creating offline services for development purposes. The WAMP server helps in creating various web applications and also helps in managing the database. Along with this WAMP also helps in switching from online to offline method along with the management of server’s settings. And MAMP helps in the installation of the local server in the system.

There are various types of tools present in WordPress, but above are the five most needed and the most important tools which help in maintaining and developing the website and also helps in establishing the project along with the contents. These tools are very easy to use. Everyone can use these tools whether professional or nonprofessional. The customers get attracted to the website only because of the looks of the website. WordPress provides thousands of free WordPress styles and many themes and also various tools that helps in building the looks of the website and makes it attractive and user-friendly. The advantage of using all the tools of the website is that it provides a better opportunity to the owners of the websites to gain more followers of the website and also gather the huge amount of traffic to the website and also attain the aims and goals of the business.

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