10 Most Common ON-Page SEO Mistakes To Avoid

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the essential factors that help your business website to rank higher in the search engine result pages (SERP). Out of the two SEO types, on-page optimization is essential & result fetching. Generally, it has been noticed that online businesses tend to make some really common on-page SEO mistakes that need to be avoided for yielding better search engine results.

Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid

On-page optimization helps in enhancing your site rankings which helps in increasing number of visitors on your site, exponentially. Using the right keywords, titles, meta tags and content is what you need to focus on keenly. To help you better, here are the major on-page SEO mistakes to avoid.

Incorrect Keywords

Keywords are the first aspect that needs to be taken into account as your audience searches for the products or services on the search engine using keywords only. This means that if your keywords are exactly the same as the one’s audience used for searching, then the chances of your site being showed in the top results increases. So, if you use the wrong or inappropriate keywords, then you may easily lose the competition.

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Stuffing Keywords

Many of the strategists feel that if they stuff the keywords into their content, then it might help them in improving their site rankings greatly but it doesn’t. Keyword stuffing inappropriately in content or excessive use of keywords actually is rendered as spamming by all major search engines, causing your website ranking to drop instead of rising.

Using Inappropriate Content

Content on your website needs to be appropriately written according to your keywords. This is essential because your keywords are the ones that provide an idea to the reader as to what exactly he/she is going to find your content. So, if you use content not based on your keywords then you’re likely to lose your audience as well as your search engine rankings.


Another very essential thing that you need to focus on is the originality of your written text & images as it matters a lot in improving your SEO rankings. If you use plagiarized content then the search engines don’t take your site data into account while affecting your site ranking in a negative way.

Not using title and meta tags

Targeting your keywords is really essential for the optimization of your content for the search engines to crawl through. But if you forget to use the right title, meta tags and image tags as well, then you are surely going to experience the downfall in your SEO rankings.

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Low-Quality Links

While your site’s data might be really informational and interesting, you also need to make sure that the audience doesn’t just leave your website after reading an article. So, to hold your audience to stay longer on your website and check other stuff, you need to provide quality links in your website for improving the usability. Poor links can drive the audience right away.

Not Using Internal Links

Internal links in the articles are as important as the website links as while reading an article, your audience might want to know about some topic mentioned in the content and by providing the internal links, you can hold the audience for a long time while helping in better optimization.

Mobile Unfriendly Websites

In today’s time, the numbers of mobile internet users are far more than the desktop internet users, which is why creating mobile-friendly websites and content has become an essential part of the SEO. Having a nonmobile friendly website or content can not only drive away your visitors but also affect your search engine rankings badly.

Not Focusing On Influencers

Getting your articles and blogs noticed by the influencers in your industry can help your website rank higher in the search engine results. If any influencer likes and shares your website content, then you are not only noticed by your targeted audience but also loved by the search engines. So make sure that you always share quality content and focus on influencer marketing.

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No Analytics

Analytics is the one really great way to improve your website rankings by getting analysis reports on keywords performance, needs of your audience, online marketing strategy, and many other useful reports. So, if you don’t analyze and re-strategize your website optimization, then you are surely going to regret later.

That’s all!

So, these were the top 10 on-page SEO mistakes that are most commonly made by strategists. By not making these mistakes, you can easily get your website rank higher in search engines and increase your visitors exponentially.


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